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How to Get Your First 100,000 Podcast Downloads in 100 Days...

NOOOOOO!!!! Not another book on podcasting.. It's not what you think.
Here's what this book is NOT:
- A guide through the technical aspects of podcasting
- How to get your show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify etc (that's in the bonus section)
- What equipment to buy
- How to set up your equipment and recording software
Blah blah blah, We get straight to the FUN stuff here.
Here's what this book is:
- Five proven ways to grow your audience fast
- A set of simple plug-n-play strategies and tactics you can use to grow any podcast big or small, new or old
- Uncommon ways to gain influence, credibility and build an audience with consistency
- A collection stories and accounts form REAL people I've worked with and helped and the results we've helped them achieve

Here’s a few things you’ll take away from this book:

  • How to build an irresistible binge-worthy podcast before you even launch page 88
  • A done for you podcast pitch script you can customize to land interviews on other podcasts page 41
  • My exact job description for a podcast growth virtual assistant you can use to starting a team around you to implement the strategies in this playbook page 69
  • The 7 master emotions you can use to capture and hold the attention of your ideal listener page 91
  • 11 podcast interviews hacks to get your podcast guests to share your podcast with their audience like wildfire.(The E + A = Reciprocation formula) page 48
  • 13 of the best tools for podcast growth and outreach page 101
  • How to find, pitch, secure and overdeliver in every podcast you ever get interviewed on in your life
  • How to recruit podcast affiliates to promote your podcast with a shoestring budget
  • How to “bake scale” into your show and enable your audience to grow your show for you on autopilot


Natasha Courtney Smith,
#StandoutOnline Podcast

Luis is the most incredible podcast producer I have ever come across. Not only does he truly understand what visible experts and thought leaders need from their podcast and provides expert support and guidance BUT he also provides incredible value in terms of helping create the additional assets you need to promote your podcast, for both the podcaster and their guests. I am so happy I met Luis at an event, he has been like a gift from the gods to me in terms of getting my podcast live and I can't wait to see how his own business grows and scales!

Chris Wilson,
The Strong by Design Podcast Show

Doing a podcast show was WAY off our radar. In fact, it just seemed like another "nice platform" to grow for the business but we knew nothing about it and had no intentions of doing anything for quite some time.And then we met up with Luis in Orlando, FL one night at an event and he changed our thinking after just one conversation. With his enthusiasm and obvious knowledge about podcasting, we were soon filled with excitement to get our very own podcast show going.  Things happened FAST! Less than two months after that event, we had our first 5 shows ready and LAUNCHED the brand new Strong By Design Podcast Show. Ever since then, we've uploaded one episode every single week and along the way we've been provided with terrific customer support from his Podcast Domination team. We highly encourage anyone looking to start a podcast show to contact Luis right away. He without a doubt was the catalyst we needed to Take Action and jump into the deep end with a platform we had zero experience in. For that, we are sincerely grateful.

Dotsie Bausch and Alexandra Paul,
Switch4Good Podcast

Luis was amazing getting our podcast off the ground. Dotsie and I wanted to be able to concentrate on being the best hosts and getting the best guests for our podcast, we did not want to have to worry about any of the technical and marketing aspects. In came Luis, like a knight in shining armor, taking all the pressure off us.  He handled so many details, was so reliable, followed up regularly, and had so much insight into how to have a successful podcast launch and beyond, we were blown away. Dotsie and I always say “We don't know what we would do without Luis and his team” because we had no idea when we said “Let’s do a podcast together” that there were so many insider secrets and technicalities.  Thank you Luis!

Nimai Delgado,
Generation V Podcast

Luis definitely knows what to do when it comes to podcasting.  I felt overwhelmed and lost whenever I wanted to begin my podcast but Luis' expertise made things so much easier.  I've already learned so much from him and used his simple, yet practical tips to help scale my podcast very quickly.

Aaron LeBauer,
The CashPT Lunch Hour

Luis takes all the guesswork and hassle out of producing a world-class podcast! He works with a fantastic group and is able to provide us with effective strategies whenever we need them.

Get FREE Access to the 100K in 100 Day Tool Kit NOW

Over $597 worth of tools, spreadsheets, and done for you templates