With over 47 podcast launches in the past three years and over 5 million downloads under his belt a producer, podcaster and consultant, Luis has worked with some of the top named podcasts in the health & fitness, self-help, marketing & management and business categories in iTunes. He has helped multiple partners (most companies call them clients) land on the Top 10 Charts in iTunes and the New and Noteworthy Section.

Luis has been a pivotal component for the success of his partners who have increased media attention, generated new warm leads and revenue in excess of $110,000 through podcasting. He's obsessively passionate about podcasting, specifically the number of different ways entrepreneurs and brands can use podcast, from a business development tool, customer relationship building asset, internal team communication tool to and obsessively fascinated with how to use the medium to “scale your influence” in an excessively loud and crowded market.

Luis started podcasting back in 2016 when he realized that the only part he actually liked about podcasting was the "recording part".  So, he decided to build a team and system that allows podcasters to do just that, thus he founded Podcast Domination.

Besides running Podcast Domination, Luis consultants on podcasting for entrepreneurs and brands looking to launch or grow their existing show, or for teams who want to teach their staff the proper systems and winning strategies for launching and growing a successful and popular podcast.

Other than that in his spare time, he loves to lift, run, travel and acquire new skills like salsa dancing.

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